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AVA Software unites all necessary aspects for professional Yacht-Charter Management to guarantee the success of your digitalisation and the development of your company.

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All-in-One Yacht Charter Automation Software
Why choose AVA Software?

A simple, proven way to boost your
Yacht charter business

  • Increase
    your visibility
    100% Anually
  • Increase
    your revenue
    150% Anually
  • Save your
    time up to
    50 hrs / week

All-in-one Yacht Charter software

  • Central agency

    You are the exclusive manager of your fleet and want to publicise your business, strengthen your presence to your customers and want to optimise your response and working time, only one platform is right for you: AVA directly integrated to your website.

  • Automations

    Manage all activities before and after the booking including communication, analysis, strategy, follow-up, payment, commissions and more.

    Stay connected to your customers: Anywhere & Anytime.

  • Marketing & Sales

    Distribute your fleet through different channels and websites, manage all booking communication directly with the customers.

    Develop social media communication specific to your company with autonomous and connected marketing.

  • Broker & Travel agency

    Give a new dimension to your company by offering the Yacht-Charter business with professional international standards, with direct access to the yacht manager, without a middleman.

    And control the entire machinery of this business.

Discover the ideal software for Yacht-Charter with crew

Spend more minutes selling with these time-saving sales tools.
Take control of your workday with these time-saving sales automation

  • Your search & booking engine

    Your search & booking engine

    Your own booking platform in just a few clicks, directly implemented in your own website, with all digital tools available for your customers and your services: Sales & Marketing.

  • Automatisation tools

    Automatisation tools

    Optimise your work time and reduce your response time, to gain competitiveness and improve your conversion rates + E-contract & e-signatures for all parties.

  • Online payment

    Online payment

    Receive and process payments with the greatest ease. Immediate transaction of payments to the Central Agency or the boat owner and to Broker commissions.

  • Distribution channel management

    Distribution channel management

    Distribute and control your fleet on all channels and websites effortlessly. Direct contact between customers and the yacht managers.

  • Mobile dashboard

    Mobile dashboard

    Answer reservation requests instantly and keep track from anywhere and anytime directly from the palm of your hand. Share the index and availability of your fleet in real time and stay connected with your customers and partners.

  • Yacht charter Software management

    Yacht charter Software management

    Organise & control all reservation data.

  • Multi calendar

    Multi calendar

    Full overview of all your bookings from all your channels in one dashboard.

  • API customisable

    API customisable

    Build tools that meet your individual needs and manage exactly what you want.

Distribution Continuously

Channel management allows you to distribute your fleet continuously,
from all major OTA nd other professional tourism sites, Broker and other C.A.


Average booking time

Often depends on the region, time of day, season, agency network, team & services.

Distribution Continuously

Now - with AVA Software

Simplification of Procedures

Booking - e-Contract - Secure payment - Full process online instantly

Simplification of Procedures
Simplification of Procedures
Simplification of Procedures

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