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LYW ADS & VIRTUAL OFFICESExpand your business worldwide

Designer of a social media to virtual office distribution offering a new kind of advertising to Luxury experience professionals. We implement Yacht Charter activity in professional tourist establishments, with the same professional standards as Yachting agencies, putting them in direct contact with Yacht Managers by automation and with a quality label “Leading Yachts of the World” (LYW) powered by AVA Software.

WHY CHOOSE LYW ADS & VIRTUAL OFFICES A simple and proven way to improve your additional B2B channels & network and Enjoy eCommerce without channel conflict

  • Increase your
    Qualified distributors
    200% Anually
  • Increase conversion
    rate of B2B leads
    250% Anually
  • Save your
    time up to
    105 hrs / week

Sell directly with the LYW Ads & Virtual Offices without competing with your own channel


With LYW Ads & Virtual Offices it is possible to create a free personal LYW account and list your fleet, which will be promoted in all Luxury Hotels and Travel agencies in the system worldwide. You pay only when your ad is clicked and booking is made (like Google Ads, but with well-qualified leads). All payments are made after clicks & bookings, no prepayment required.

You are one step closer to your worldwide virtual offices, check if you are qualified to be part of Leading Yachts of the World network.


Become available anywhere & anytime

Become available anywhere & anytime

LYW ADS 100% Qualified leads for C.A.

Virtual Offices First Booking
  • 100%
    Hotel, Airplane, Website, Big Data, Travel Agency & Concierge Customer
  • 50%
    Interested Customers
  • 25%
    Customer Booking Conversions
Virtual Offices First Booking
  • 100%
    Repeat Yacht Charter Customers
  • 100%
    Interested Customers
  • 80%
    Customer Booking Conversions

Join Travel Activity Market

Despite being the third-largest travel segment, activities have remained a dark spot in the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry. However, the sector is going through extraordinary change. A vibrant reservation technology startup landscape is laying a critical foundation for sector advancement, and suppliers are finally adapting to the digital age. All are fueling astonishing sector growth and travel activities is positioned to reach $180 billion by 2020.

Airplane, Hotel & Travel Agency

US$800 Billion

By 2020

Travel Activities

US$180 Billion

By 2020

Airplane, Hotel & Travel Agency

US$1,8 Billion

By 2020

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