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CLOUD & SOCIAL MEDIA Easily manage your fleet

LYW and its software suite is geared to become a valued partner of the management of all luxury charter fleets. At the moment the only platforms available to the charter market is targeted to large fleets like Zizoo, which captures agency customers' traffic and forces them to pay commissions without other services. There’s no substitute apart from custom built platforms that are costly and need in house staff to run.

LYW offers a turn-key solution to engage
with customers on a global scale

  • Performance

    LYW aims at providing the luxury crewed charter operators with an exclusive ready-made solution that will enable manage their back office and promote their front office seamlessly through LYW targeted ads campaigns.

  • Security

    Creating a global Luxury travel platform. Travel and hospitality operators will access the global yacht charter fleet which will be synergistically promoted globally thanks to LYW strategic partnerships in the luxury travel sector ( eg. Intercontinental Hotel / Lufthansa... ).