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AVA software is the association of a team of 4 professionals, Moody Fayed, Gregory Grellet, Philippe Chadel and Anthony Brisacq, totaling over 40 years of experience in Yachting, Luxury Travel and Digital Development.

Our DNA is principally based on the experience of people who are passionate about their jobs, who over the years have needed to develop their skills by combining this essential sense of service with their knowledge of the Charter Yacht market in order to adapt to the digital tools

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DNA AVA Software

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The story began in 2015 when Anthony sold his company to the world's No. 1 in Yachting (Camper & Nicholson Int.). With his passion for new technologies, and his acute awareness of the new market looming before us, he decided to create its first digital platform that could handle 1500 real time bookings per year. For ten years he has developed and implemented specific marketing methods in tourist establishments that has allowed them to develop their own services, thus making them more lucrative, ensuring they always maintain impeccable quality for the customers by using the know-how of each one, and creating a true partnership. He would come to have the honor of being designated official supplier of the prestigious international association of concierges of 5-star hotels "Clefs d'Or".

At the same time, Gregory realized at a very early stage the turning point and evolution that the yachting market needed to take to adapt to current demand. He met Anthony and Philippe, a yacht sales professional for 25 years. For two years, they and a team of highly qualified people worked to design an innovative 3.0 technology specifically designed for professionals and agencies in the tourism industry to help them in their day-to-day work, giving them the means to fight against "market-place" platforms that were dangerously luring their customers away.

FIRST CONCRETIZATIONDigitizing yacht charter market

In the same vein as Anthony, who had already digitized and professionalized the Yacht Charter market in tourist establishments on the Côte d'Azur, they decided to market this technology that was born under the name of AVA software.

They convinced an eminent and prestigious first investor specializing in "Star Up Tech", Moody Fayed, to both provide them with the financial support necessary for development, and to share his knowledge of digital strategy, as he did with "VoiceBase inc" one of his successful investments.

The vision of AVA Software embodied by its founders is a mix of tradition and modernism by using digital methods to create a winning ecosystem chain for all players in this field and finally bring together tourism professionals to reach the high & ultra high-end decision makers.

Moody Fayed

I remain at the top of AlfaTec, fueling the passion of the younger generation and the constant search for new companies and projects that can really make a difference.

Moody Fayed


Driven by a passion for innovation, his adventure began in the early 90’s, when mobile phone companies began manufacturing and launching "truly mobile" devices. In 1994, after graduating from university in Lausanne, Switzerland, he joined the office of his prestigious family in Geneva.

Traditional investment strategies were the heart of the portfolio management guidelines, but he felt and witnessed a significant shift to alternative investment strategies of the time. He took the initiative to create the AlfaTec Fund, an alternative investment utility for direct investment in telecommunications, biotechnology, the Internet and start-ups.

Telecommunication: Nokia (FI), Motorola (United States), Blackberry (CA), Swisscom (CH) and Alcatel (F), among others. Biotechnology: Serono (CH), Eastman Kodak (USA), Sanofi Pharma (F) and Novartis (CH), among others. Internet: Netflix (United States), PayPal (United States), Twitter (United States), Facebook (United States) and Zynga (United States), among others. Startups: The Nestlé Shop (CH), YOOX (IT), Withings (F), Happn (F), PlayerPro (USA), Voice Base (USA), Storia (USA)

GB Capital Partners


GBCP is a Hong Kong private investment fund specialized in investments for developments of new technologies for the digitization of activities and experiences in the travel industry.


Anthony Brisacq

Founder & CEO

Born in Lille in 1975, Anthony Brisacq comes from a family in Northern France. Passionate about theater and comedy, he joins the Cours Florent in Paris at the  age of fourteen and then enters the Jack Garfein Studio (co-founder of the  Actor’s Studio in New York) at the age of 17.
Over the next decade, Anthony Brisacq evolves in the middle of the theater  world doing comedy adaptations (mainly Georges Feydeau). He signs numerous  adaptations and then launches into the production of different plays.  

In 2003, Anthony Brisacq decides to change his life by settling on the French  Riviera and engaging in the activity of Yachting.
He then starts Mediterranean Yacht Services, and in less than a year, M.Y.S. becomes the number one “last minute” rentals in Monaco at first, and then in Nice, Cannes and  Saint-Tropez. With his company, Anthony Brisacq creates a new approach to yachting by  making it more accessible without ever breaking the codes of luxury.   

In 2015, Anthony Brisacq partners up with Camper & Nicholsons Int., a global  leader in yachting. He became well  aware that charter clients often had to battle with slow and  complex circuits. He started Yachtster, which he sold to Camper & Nicholsons International.  

In the digital era, the first requirement in luxury is information and quickness of  service. This led him to design a new and unique very original  operational  system  enabling  real  time  Hire & Sale  of manned luxury yachts, along with all the associated services (transfers, catering  and hotline).  

In 2017 order to revolutionize  yachting Anthony  embarks in this new yachting adventure in Singapore to creat AVA Software and Leading yachts of the world, expand their offer and to put forward their expertise in the travel market.  

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Marco Meneghini

Partner Associate & Financial Director

Travel and experiences have been at the centre of Marco’s Life, born in Trieste, Italy in 1974 he travelled extensively with his family (S. America, Egypt, Greece) until landing in Monaco in 1985 where he has been resident since.
International education between the S.France, the USA and UK to finally attend European Business School in London.  

Since then have achieved extensive knowledge in the Yachting industry having worked with Nautor’s Swan in 1998 during its acquisition by ...

Leonardo Ferragamo and managed the restructuring of all subsidiaries around the world.
Creating the basis to start an entrepreneurial path in the Yachting and Luxury real estate – always working at the forefront of innovation of digital advances – creating the first Charter app for Nautor’s Swan charters in 2002 subsequently integrating digital in all aspects of his roles.  

Having worked with the major yacht stakeholders, Riva, San Lorenzo, Magnum Marine, MCY, Cigarette, Sevenstar, Nauta, Monaco Marine and Wally  to name a few,    on the sales development and marketing strategy – his advice has been adopted to create strong growth stories.  

Working in this environment and growing up in the Principality of Monaco has enabled him to create a personal and professional network of significant importance – which has enabled him to evolve and achieve important deals both in the Yachting and Real Estate sectors.  

Throughout this period an important asset has been the integration of financial knowledge for the creation of funds and investment platforms which led to a partnership with Octogone SA and Since 2009 Fides Consulting was created as a personal family office and consulting firm helping individuals  and  companies growth and networking, Fides  operates internationally and assists start-ups all the way to major Real Estate projects from concept to realisation.

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Gregory Grellet

Co-founder & Director of Development & Digital Marketing

Extensive professional experience leading software development teams, developing and implementing scalable web solutions, and delivering high quality, highly functional web applications. Summary of 10 years of experience in software and web application development. In depth knowledge of modern software development and release. Experience with teams in London UK, Paris France, Phuket/Bangkok Thailand.

Roberto Bottini

Sales Director

Born in San Remo, Italy in August 1968, Roberto attended the I.T.C. Commercial School and obtained the Accounting and Administration Diploma.
After his first working experience in a 4-star hotel on the Italian Ligurian Coast, he moved to London where he worked for several years for the Hilton Group.
This was then followed by experiences as Director in Luxury Hotels in Cannes and Paris.
In 1998, Roberto then was called to the French Riviera where he worked for five years in the prestigious Hotel Metropole in Monte-Carlo.
In 2003 he took part in the opening of the new Monegasque Palace and was hired as Rooms Division Director where he worked until 2009.
He had a short experience in Monaco, at the Hotel Fairmont then decided to accept the Direction of a Boutique Hotel on the Cote d’Azur, where he worked for ten years.
Roberto is a Luxury Tourism Expert, with thirty years of experience enveloping the sense of detail, discretion, outstanding service and the adaptability required to meet the high expectations of exclusive clients

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