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Central Agency Yacht Charter Software

Own your yacht rental agency today without the fear of losing your money

Yacht Charter generates an average
turnover of 1 Million USD / year.

Integrate this source of income for your company

  • Without endorsing legal responsibility
  • Without employing staff
  • Without changing your provider: Yacht Charter

With Leading Yachts of the World

Quality Label of the best « Yachts Charter » Agencies

Software for tourism professionals

Innovative software and tools to professionally implement the crewed boat rental business in your company and reduce your workload.

Optimise your team’s response time to improve competitiveness and your conversion rates.

Digitisation is the most effective way to deal with recurrent tasks.

Software for tourism professionals
Direct access to all yacht managers

Direct access to all yacht managers from all around the world

  • Communicate in real-time with all professional yacht charter agencies.
  • View current and future charter status at any time and from anywhere.

Professional eco-system between tourism & yachting professionals.

Leading Yachts of the World

Quality Label Yacht Charter

Quality Label Yacht Charter

  • With a minimum of 2 years of experience.
  • Insurance: “Charter-Broker” with a minimum of 500,000 USD/Claim.
  • Fleet must be insured by a specialised yachting company.
  • Crews must hold licenses and diplomas for validation.
  • Charter contract between client, the boat owner and the agency provided for each booking.
A committee of yachting professionals

A committee of yachting professionals

Following strict selection criteria, is in charge of examining all joining requests of new yacht charter agencies to the AVA network.

Don’t take anymore risks

No longer endorse in legal responsibilities

  • With systematic charter contracts provided and signed by the agencies and clients, the service responsibility is legally determined between the boat owner and the agency. Therefore you have no legal liability as defined in the contracts.
  • With the directly made payment between client and boat agency you reinforce your legal non-liability in case of an incident.
Don’t be left behind

Don’t be left behind

With the platform “Market Place" to acquire your customers.

Have your individual platform

Integrated in your website with 100% personalised and tailored to your services.

FEATURESIntegrate all functions of Platform 3.0 On your Webpage for your customers


  • Search in real-time
  • Instant availability
  • Instant quotation
  • Multiple requests
  • Choice of request & booking:
    Online or in consultation with a broker

Agreement & Payment

  • e-Charter agreement
    For highest security
  • Payment options:
    Online or in person

Tools & Specifications

  • Multiple Currencies
  • Compare tool for differnet yachts
  • Detailed material in print with video, pictures and specifications
  • Detailed list
    what is included & what is additional or extra
  • Automatic calculation extra costs
    Food, drinks, extra time et cetera
  • Itinerary and Travel
    Tips suggestions
Save your precious time

Save your precious time

Make multiple requests simultaneously through your admin everywhere and at any time. Instant responses.

Charter Agreement online

E-Signatures available for all parties:
Owner, Broker, Stakeholder, Charterer.
In just 4 steps:

Online Payment

Online Payment

Online Payment

  • Charter fees directly paid to Stakeholder
  • Commission directly paid to Broker

Agreement will automatically be registered in Dashboard after confirmation of payment.

Supported payment channel:

  • Stripe
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Amex
  • Bank transfer

Management 3.0 Tech
Simple & easy

Organise and control all your bookings, customers and your fleet data at any time and anywhere using a powerful management software specially created by yachting professionals.

  • Centralisation of all your requests & bookings on a single Dashboard
  • Records of all communications with your customers from demand to booking
  • Management of technical specifications & your fleet’s rates in 1 click
  • Fast Update: Simplified application to update and track your bookings from everywhere
  • CRM to get to know and follow your customers
  • Analytics of traffic, conversion rates, consulted boat records and origin of request
  • Option to develop new destinations for your customers
  • Option to expand your range of boats by selecting the fleet of your fellow C.A.

Booking process

TRAINING Software & Sales techniques

Staff simulation in various situations of possible requests:

  • A customer approaching the concierge in person
  • A customer calls the concierge while he is at the hotel
  • A customer sends an e-mail to the concierge while he is at the hotel
  • What to ask the customer to manage his request?
  • How to do a research and compare?
  • How to send a request, validate a reservation and proceed to the payment online or offline directly with the responsible yacht charter.
TRAINING techniques
updating AVA Software with larger and better features

We are constantly updating AVA Software with larger and better features.

Unlike others who rarely update their software, we usually publish a new and cool update for our software each month and it’s free of charge.

2 to 5 Years business plan

We benefit from our extensive experience with the implementation of Yacht Charter activity in tourist establishments.

Discover your real potential client & C.A

The basis for implementing a strategy

Our analytics and accounting teams are at your disposal to achieve a based on the informations you provide. (Attendance rate, amount of nights, distribution / nationality, average fees/guest)

Request your analysis
business plan
Support advice marketing

Support advice marketing

Our team will advice & assist you to establish a specific marketing strategy for yacht charter business.

Marketing consulting support

Our team advise and help you to integrate web-marketing communication.

Request marketing strategy

Digitalization has shaken up the way things work,
sales, prospecting and marketing methods have changed.

When it comes to lead generation, working smart beats working hard. Too many unqualified leads can clog up your sales funnel.
Sales automation could streamline your process and get your sales team focusing on what matters: organize the services on board.
However, there are tasks that still require a human touch. Find out what sales tasks could be automated and which shouldn’t be.

Want to learn more about the many ways AVA's software can help your business ?

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Travel Agency & Hotel Software Prices

Find the perfect plan for you

Choose the perfect plan for your business’ needs

Virtual Yacht Charter Offices

per month

Develop an additional income of activity market at the same level as your main services.

  • Sales Force Templates options
  • Verified (expert) Professional Quality Label
  • Data Management & Analytic
  • Chat Instantly with Customers & B2B Partners
  • Financial Reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management Expeeriences Clients
  • Sales Process Support
  • Fleet & Destinations Worldwide
  • Easy Sales Process Automation
  • Instant availability of yachts
  • Manage Booking in real-time
  • Personal Customer & Account Support
  • Keep your clients updated with additional destinations
  • Full integration on your website
  • Custom designs

Marketing Support

US$345 per month

30 days FREE

Communicate Before-During-After arrivals of your client

  • Training Support for your team
  • Marketing Support to your client
  • Strategy marketing
  • Analytic Strategy
  • Monthly Analytic Reporting